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Milling Macro

Post by Bloodzugg » Thu Apr 02, 2015 7:22 pm

There isn't a "Mill All" option, but I did find this on the forums and it's about as close as we can get. It allows you to mill all your herbs (1 keypress at a time) but doesn't stop when you hit a stack > 5.

Name this macro 'zMilling'
/run function FnH() for i=0,4 do for j=1,GetContainerNumSlots(i) do local t={GetItemInfo(GetContainerItemLink(i,j) or 0)} if t[7]=="Herb" and select(2,GetContainerItemInfo(i,j))>=5 and t[11]>=200 then return i.." "..j,t[1] end end end end

Name this macro 'zzMilling'
/run local f,l,n=AuM or CreateFrame("Button","AuM",nil,"SecureActionButtonTemplate") f:SetAttribute("type","macro") l,n=FnH() if l then f:SetAttribute("macrotext","/cast Milling\n/use "..l) SetMacroItem("zzMilling",n) end
/click AuM

Simply press 'zMilling' once, then 'zzMilling' until you run out of herbs.

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Re: Milling Macro

Post by Moux » Fri Apr 03, 2015 8:40 am

There is an addon called Molinari that's really handy for that, too. It works on prospecting, milling and any other ability similar to those.

It's not automated but it does pull stacks of 5 automatically. You only have to alt-click on the materials.
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