How to: Add a sound clip to a macro!

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How to: Add a sound clip to a macro!

Post by Jinsanity » Sun Jun 05, 2011 6:57 pm

Alright so for awhile I was trying to figure out how to add a sound file to a macro
Sounds easy enough right? Sad thing is I couldnt find anything on it for awhile

Well I finally got mine to work and its actually pretty simple if your interested.

Materials you will probably need:
A mouse.
A Computer.
A ant farm.
A Hammer to smash the ants when they piss you off.

eh, nvm lol All you need is a sound clip thats in .ogg or .mp3 format
WoW use's .wav files however they are not macro supported UNLESS its already in your game system files ( I dont want to go into how to get into that so ....)
:( if you have to search online for a converter.
I used an online one but didnt save the link, I will find it later and add it.

Create a sound folder within you WoW Folder and put the sound clip there for easy use
That way you just have to change the macro link and keep it short as possible while being tidy!

The Actual macro:
#showtooltip SPELL NAME
/cast [combat] SPELL NAME
/script PlaySoundFile("Sound\\timewarpclip.ogg")
Now restart wow and woot! You got yourself a spicy little macro! Watch out! its hot....
No seriously restart wow because apparently that is why mine never worked. xD id mess with it everytime Id restart wow before testing and everytime it never worked.


Quick breakdown of the mac:
The first line will show the tooltip of the spell specified
The second line will ONLY cast the spell in combat. Feel free to remove [combat] if you dont want it. It saves me while using timewarp outside of battle and putting that debuff on everyone. Cause I tend to click it on accident, even during fights cause its not keybound lol

Now the Last line is the most important!
This line shows the macro where to find the sound clip!

ANYWAYS THERE YA GO! :O Thanks to Om and Astr for helping me, and to the guy on official wowforums for telling me to restart @_@
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