Application & Guidelines - READ BEFORE POSTING

For all those players on the Aggrammar server who wish to join the Horde guild, The Tribe, please read the rules and post your application here.

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Application & Guidelines - READ BEFORE POSTING

Post by Cristalia » Thu Nov 04, 2010 9:17 am

If you are interested in joining The Tribe, an Aggramar (US) guild, then please use the following guidelines. Any applications missing required information may be rejected.

First, you must register on this forum in order to apply. When you register please use the ‘main character’ or character you will be applying with as your forum name. Also, no guest applications will be considered.

Second, read the Tribe's charter so you are fully aware of the guild rules before applying.
Click here to see the charter.

Third, please provide us with the following information. Copy and paste the Basic and Detailed Information into a new post on this forum and fill out all of the fields. Remember this is the only thing we have to base our decision on as to whether you fit in with our guild or not, so the less you put the less we have to go off of in our determination.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are recommended by a Tribe member please give us their name and what your relationship to that person is in the application. Also encourage that person to contact an officer and let us know about you.

Basic Information

Character Name:
Character Server:
Character Class:
Character Level:
Main Spec/Off spec:

Time Zone:

What time do you normally play?

(ex: 6pm - 9pm CST)

List all major alts you have: (Name, Server, Class, Level)

Detailed Information (please be thorough)

Do you have a friend or family member in the Tribe?
Please list their character name(s):
Please tell us what your relationship to this person is:
(i.e. Real Life Friend, Family Member, In-game Friend)

What other guilds have you belonged to (if any) and what kind of guilds were they? (i.e. PvP focused, hardcore raiding, casual raiding, etc.)

How did you hear about the Tribe?

What are you looking for in a guild and how does the Tribe fit that criteria? Please elaborate.

Which is better, pie or cheesecake? Please explain:

Any further comments you would like to share with us?


Thank you for applying to the Tribe. Once an application is removed from this forum it is considered under review. A guild leader will contact you through this forum or in game to let you know the decision. The guild leaders reserve the right to reject any application for any reason.

Long Live the Tribe!